Fact or Fiction Ghost Tour: "I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost!"

Toronto's most unique ghost tour. A mix of spooky stories and scientific scepticism.

Yes, we talk about ghosts and tell stories of haunted Toronto as we walk the dark streets, but we do more than that! We also reveal what ghost investigators contend with when they look into reported hauntings, and reveal some of the natural phenomena that could be mistaken for the paranormal.


We're not out to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts (no one has yet to do either), but to provoke thought and inform our guests. Our goal is to educate and entertain! Our approach to the subject is both sensitive and serious as we attempt to separate the folklore from the fact, the legends from the actual history.




What people have written about our tour on TripAdvisor.com:


"...a fun, interesting and unusual night..." 

"Our Ghost tour guide was amazing!” 


"I would definitely take another tour with these guys." 

"This tour is a definite gem..."

"...very informative, lots of historical context and information and a healthy dose of skepticism."

"I found the combination of spooky stories and the science that may explain it all (or not!) very interesting."

"...hands down the best ghost walk I have ever done..."


8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (2 hours) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from mid-September until Oct 31st.

Where to meet:

This walking tour starts in front Toronto's Old City Hall at 60 Queen St West.

Where it ends:

This tour ends near the corner of Jarvis St and Wellesley St. It is NOT a loop. The end is 2.2km from the start.


$30 per person. If you enjoyed the tour, tipping your guide is appropriate and appreciated.


This tour is designed for an adults. Much of the subject matter is either too dark or too complex for an immature audience.


  • What ghosts might be

  • Toronto's best ghost stories - fact or fiction?

  • Historic (and reportedly haunted) sites like Old City Hall, MacKenzie House, Ryerson University

  • No gimmicks, no capes and lanterns, no b.s.

  • Challenges of ghost investigation

  • Science that could explain some hauntings

  • A balanced approach to both the spooky and the science

  • Some ghost stories busted!


Please note, some dates will sell out!

Our tours run rain or shine. Please dress for the weather!

CANCELLATION POLICY -  To cancel your tour, email ghost@tourguys.ca at least 24hrs in advance. Refunds cannot be given within 24 hours of the tour.