Founded by Jason and Steve in 2009, Tour Guys is proud to have been the first free walking tour company in Canada! After years of working in the educational tourism industry as travelling guides, we were eager to come home. Though tired of a life on the road, we still loved guiding tours, discovering new things about our cities, and sharing our cities’ fascinating histories with people from all over the world. We started Tour Guys to create our own dream jobs and to give our tour guide friends an outlet for their passion for guiding and storytelling as well!

Tour Guys’ owners Jason and Ali, who took over the Vancouver branch in 2016, are always seeking ways to improve our tours and diversify our team. We’re a team of history nerds, stand up comedians, documentary filmmakers, musicians, and general misfits who love walking and talking about our respective cities. We’re strong proponents of experiencing cities on foot, and our mission is to bring the hidden and often-missed histories, quirks, and eccentricities of Canada’s great cities into the light.