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A tour through Toronto with Tour Guys is the perfect school field trip idea as it combines fun sightseeing with important historical context so that students may better understand the city around them and how it came to be. While we generally follow a few set routes, we’re able to customise the content of your tour to relate to your curriculum, so your school field trip will be equal parts entertaining and educational. Why Choose Tour Guys?

Excellence: Our tours are some of the highest-rated on and many teachers use us year after year.
Engagement: Our tour guides are all in their 20s and 30s, and are able to easily connect with and engage young people.
Experience: Our company was founded by tour guides with more than a decade of experience working exclusively in educational tourism and school trips.
Enthusiasm: We can handle groups of any size up to about 200 children at one time, split among our team of amazing guides.

Student Group Rates

Our rates for elementary and high school students:

Any 2-hour tour: $8 - $12 +HST per student

Any 3-hour tour: $10 - $14 +HST per student

Full day tour/escort services (5+ hours): $20 - $25 +HST per student

Rates are based on a 2-hour tour with 20 students and vary depending on the departure date. Lowest price applies to travel in autumn and winter. Contact us for rates on specific dates. Though we’re happy to accommodate shorter tours and smaller groups, a flat rate based on a minimum of 20 students and for a 2 hour tour will apply. Teachers and chaperones are free!

Sample Itineraries

We’ve put together some itineraries to demonstrate the types of tours we’ve led for school groups in the past. Most of our tours are 2 hours long, but we can modify any of these itineraries to accommodate your group’s needs or we can help plan a completely different tour based on your curriculum. Get in touch with us to begin planning your class trip!

Kensington Market & Chinatown Walking Tour

An animated and engaging tour guide will lead your group around Kensington Market and Chinatown (two of Toronto’s most vibrant and culturally diverse neighbourhoods) while discussing the immigration history of the neighbourhood and revealing the changes that have taken place as successive immigrant communities called this part of Toronto home.

Students will learn that neighbourhoods continually change over time, that human geography follows identifiable patterns, and that new Canadians have faced (and overcome) many obstacles and problems in making a successful life for themselves here. Students will have a better appreciation and understanding of the 20th century immigrant experience and the importance of Kensington Market and Chinatown in the development of modern-day Toronto’s incredible cultural diversity.

This tour is recommended for mornings, starting at 10am, with time afterwards for lunch in the neighbourhood. Our guides can recommend places that are affordable, but none of the fast food joints the students are familiar with are nearby!

Graffiti in Toronto Walking Tour

One of our tour guides with a background in art will lead your students through some of the most decorated back alleys and laneways to see where the city’s best graffiti artists leave their mark. Along the way, the guide will discuss the history of modern graffiti beginning in Philadelphia and New York City, the materials used by graffiti writers, the vocabulary used by the graffiti subculture, and the issues surrounding this type of expression.

Your guide will ask students to think about graffiti from multiple perspectives, and consider its place in the modern urban landscape. This tour will leave your students better educated on this often misunderstood art form, and with both a greater appreciation for graffiti art and the struggle to reduce vandalism.

Consider adding Kensington Market to your tour for an additional $2 per student. This will extend the length of your tour by 30-60 minutes but will add more depth to your students’ understanding of downtown and cover more street art (it’s like graffiti that went to art college) than the regular graffiti tour. Alternatively, the regular tour can be shortened with the tour ending in Kensington Market for no additional cost. It will also allow your students to enjoy lunch and some time to explore this amazing neighbourhood.

Downtown Toronto Walking Tour

For students visiting Toronto for the first time, this general tour hits the highlights of the downtown core: Old City Hall (exterior), City Hall (interior), Church of the Holy Trinity (optional), the Eaton Centre, Yonge/Dundas Square and Yonge Street.

Your guide will explain the growth of Toronto over the past 175+ years and give the group a better sense of what the city is all about through anecdotes and stories from Toronto’s past. Much of this tour can be done indoors and during inclement weather; our guides take the group inside whenever possible and use the PATH system of underground corridors to move from building to building. Recommended for winter tours!

Consider extending the tour by an extra 30-60 minutes for an extra $2 per student by continuing down Bay Street past the headquarters of Canada’s five major banks and the site of “The Great Fire of 1904” to the Royal York Hotel and Union Station. Your guide will discuss the role the railroad played in the growth of Toronto and settlement of Western Canada. This could also be included without adding more time, but instead cutting out the Eaton Centre and the City Hall interior visit.

Fact or Fiction Ghost Tour

“I ain’t afraid of no ghost!” Tour Guys has developed an innovative ghost tour that features not only the stories of the paranormal, but also incorporates science and skepticism. It isn’t a tour designed to scare, but to encourage critical thinking with a balanced approach to ghosts and paranormal theories. We look at the role ghost stories play in our culture, the effect they can have on people, and some of the proven phenomena that can lead people to wrongly believe they are experiencing a ghostly encounter. It’s a tour for believers and non-believers alike. This tour takes place entirely outdoors – the sites we visit will not allow tour groups to enter for good reasons – and proper dress for the weather conditions and temperature is essential.

Downtown Toronto Driving Tour

Several of our guides are expert “step-on” tour guides and can lead your group on a driving tour of Toronto. If you have a very limited amount of time and want the students to catch a glimpse of the major landmarks and get a sense of what Toronto has to offer, this is a great option. Our guides can condense a lot of information into a running commentary that will entertain and engage the group. Whenever possible, we recommend seeing the city by foot, but sometimes groups just want to sit back and watch the sites as they roll past on the bus. You must provide the motor coach.

If enough time is allotted (we recommend these stops for 3 hour tours) groups can exit the motor coach and visit the St Lawrence Market neighbourhood and Old Town Toronto, or head up to Kensington Market for a walk with their guide. Our guides are flexible and can adapt the tour to the group’s interests and energy levels.

Help us plan the best tour for your students. Please tell us a bit about your group, the purpose of this trip, and what you’d like to focus on. We’ll be happy to help you plan the perfect tour to complement your curriculum!

Keep exploring Toronto with Tour Guys!