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We’re Tour Guys, and we’ve been leading engaging, fun, and informative walking tours since 2009. We’re on a mission to get more people walking and talking in Canada’s city centers and our pay-what-you-feel public walking tours offer the perfect opportunity to explore Toronto, Ottawa, and Hamilton alongside expert guides.

We love leading private groups as well, whether local or visitor, from small groups to students on school trips to conference attendees! We’re a team of history nerds, stand-up comedians and improvisers, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and general misfits who love walking and talking about our respective cities.

Join us!

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Our Team

Local experts ready to show you their city!

The tour guides that make up our team come from a variety of backgrounds, but they are all skilled storytellers who know and love their city. Whether you are looking for a history walk, insight into graffiti art, or a neighbourhood tour that includes food and drink, our team will deliver an unforgettable experience.

Having fun with new friends is what we are all about.

Our Purpose

"More people walking, more people talking"

We believe that the creation and development of cities is one humanity's greatest achievements and a testament to our ability to cooperate and live together peacefully. We stand for equal rights, equal opportunity, diversity within our communities, and sustainable living.

Our tours often cover social issues related to urban living and we use our tours as a way to engage the public in open, honest dialogue about them.

Our Services

More than just free public walking tours!

Tour Guys began by offering free public walking tours and we were the first company to do so in Canada, starting back in 2009, but that's not all we do. From the very beginning we've been a trusted partner of schools, companies, travel agents, tour operators, tourism bureaus, and organizations of all kinds who have organized countless private and custom experiences with us for more than a decade.

Our Responsibility

Keeping our guests safe and supporting local economies

We take the safety and comfort of our guests seriously and our guides are trained in emergency procedures and work at all times to make sure our guests are well looked after on our city sidewalks. We strive to be the best possible supporter of local businesses and have partnered with those who embody the same spirit of sharing and caring. It is our responsibility to help our communities thrive.

Our Name

Tour Guys is inclusive!

Despite the "Guys" in our company name (it was founded by two guys who were tour guides) we have about the same number of female guides as male guides on our team. We are inclusive and welcome diversity in our guides and guests!

Our Commitment to Social Justice

Working to make things better

We recognize that Canada is not a utopia, and we still have a lot of work to do in the area of social justice. We are committed to acknowledging and reconciling with the First Nations and indigenous people of Turtle Island (North America) and understand that most of us are settlers on this land we call Canada, made up of both ceded and unceded territories. We pledge to share in the duty of caring for this land and its people.

We support all genders, all people of colour, the LGBT+ community and other groups who continue in their struggle for justice and equality.

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Guest Reviews

My group had Mike this morning and he was WONDERFUL! I *so* appreciated that he weaved in social historical information, acknowledged the land of the Indigenous people we were on, and brought in political information.

Briayna Cuffie

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